About the artist

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I began making books while in graduate school studying graphic design. It was a natural progression for me as I was interested in designing books and loved everything about them. My graphic design work involved mainly working at a computer so making books by hand was a wonderful change from this. Bookbinding led me to box making and other more sculptural forms as I explore the endless forms a container can take.

Color, texture, and composition are very important to my craft. I make many different forms of boxes, books, and portfolios, but with all of them I strive to create something beautiful and inviting. I want the viewer to open the book, slide the drawer, undo the flap, whatever form of participation that piece involves.

Artist bio

Becky Filene Broun is a native of Chapel Hill, NC. She has been making books and boxes for over 25 years. She received a BA from Connecticut College and a MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University.  She has studied book arts at Penland School of Crafts, Arrowmont and The Center for Book Arts in New York in addition to other workshops. Becky has been a member of the Orange County Artists Guild since 2009.